Friday, December 9, 2011

More Suspender Love

Suspenders are one of my favouritest accessories. So easy to wear. So many ways to wear. I dug out my grey suede Dolce Vita boots that I totally forgot about (how can I forget? They're in my About Me picture!) and totally fell in love with them again. The J brands you guys have / seen / enough / of / lol.

H&M sweater; Suspenders; J brand twill skinnies in Nightfall (here); Dolce Vita 'Pax' boot (here)

And thus, this outfit was born. More photos after the jump.

Suspenders nowadays are hardly to hold your pants up. We have belts for that. Now it's merely an accessory piece and makes your ensemble look so much more appealing. That being said, I clipped on my suspenders on the same side, going diagonally across my back so the front and back are clipped in different spots. Not exactly functional, but super cute! :)

You can't tell but I'm wiggling my toes. Haha~

One thing about suede boots is that they give off this great slouchy look because they're so soft. Slouchy isn't for everyone, but it's one of the things I like about this boot. Compared to my Vince Camuto boots, which are actually the same shaft height when pulled up, these ones never stay up because the leather isn't as stiff. But I like it like that.


  1. Love your outfit Vonnie! Perfectly casual chic! I am also a fan of suspenders - but never quite know how to incorporate them into my wardobe and outfits!

  2. @Lori- Thanks for the compliment ;) You should try them out! They're not as hipster as you think, hahaha :D

  3. Cool look!

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  5. haha, sorry, that Tron comment is my boyfriend's account, He was logged in and I didn't know.

    that's a super awesome way to wear suspenders!!

    I love.


  6. Love this outfit!!


  7. @Jas: Hahah I was wondering about that LOL.
    @Stacey: Thanks for visiting!

  8. Neat idea. The only suspenders I own are sliver, and from a costume, but I might have to try them out!


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