Thursday, December 1, 2011

Menswear Inspired: Suspenders and Trousers

I love suspenders. They're both awesomely functional and awesomely assesorizing. They definitely jazz up an outfit, and can be worn a variety of ways. This time, I wanted to wear them the traditional way- holding up my trousers. These trousers are actually the pants that go with my grey blazer (that ya'll have seen here, here, here and here) to complete the suit (SUIT UP!).

Dolce Vita cropped blouse; Seductions longsleeve; Suspenders;
Suzy Shier trousers; Ann Taylor Perfect pumps (here)

Unfortunately, the smallest size that they had in the pants were a size 3. Yet, I didn't want to leave without the full suit, so I sucked it up (princess) and got them. They're actually not so big originally, and my mum altered them at the waist and hips a bit more for me. Still a smidgen too big, but it works. And they're wonderfully long. Gotta be grateful of that :D I've worn these to death over the past couple years for work and interships, and despite that they have not looked like they've aged at all.

On top, I wanted to feminize it a bit but still have the traditional buttoned down shirt look. So I opted for my Dolce Vita cropped blouse and wore a basic black longsleeve underneath.

You can see how wide the actual pant legs are. Much wider than anything I usually wear. Almost too wide. But the key word is almost. ;) I thought of altering them again, this rime at the thighs, but I dont want to risk losing the pant on the operating table. It's already been under the knife so much!

The suspenders cross at the back. I didn't notice the lengths were out of sync until after I took the picture. Oh well, I kinda like that it's off. Cuz I'm hip like that. LOL. I'm sure the off-centered-ness bothers some people though ;)


  1. Ufufufu... all you need nao are hipster glasses to complete the look 8-D

    Has Ricky seen/said anything about the off-centered-ness yet? xD

  2. Love the look, great styling with the suspenders

  3. You look adorable in suspenders and definitely they are perfect with your simple classic outfit. Suspenders look great on women and underline our femininity so some weeks ago I bought a pair to spice up my office pants. As soon as I came into the office I felt so extremly comfortable wearing suspenders that they have become my favourite accessory and I wear them a lot now. Never expected that I would love suspenders so much.
    All the best, Kathryn

    1. Hey kathryn i totally agree with you. i never thought i would ever wear them. but when i did i was hooked. love adding to work outfits and even to a nice pair of pants or skirt on a night out. when i wear them i feel more confident and its like people pay more attention to me. cant say enough about them except they rock. its good to see more women giving them a go cause they look so good on us and even better than on a man. :-)


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