Monday, December 5, 2011

Polkadots, Bows, and Lace

Hope everyone had a joyful weekend~

I had a weekend full of cheer (company holiday party), song (karaoke) and tears (Korean drama). Being up and about this whole weekend searching for gifts and holiday necessities didn't leave much time to brog. Weekends nowadays cannot be wasted now that I'm working fulltime; there's simply nothing I can do after I get off from work when the shops are closed and it's pitch black outside. I can't wait for holiday hours. But I still need to be more productive over the weekends and make the most of them.

Here's an outfit I wore to my sister's birthday dinner.
Polka-dots, bows, and lace...oh my! The girliest things you can get. And all in one outfit.

Wholesale7 chiffon blouse (here); Alythea Lace to Lace Shorts (here); Anna Sui Tights;
American Eagle Boots; Black RH Balenciaga City

Another blouse from the myriad of shirts I received from Wholesale7 during my last haul, and you can add this one to the list. With a Peter Pan collar that is so IN this holiday season, paired with a makeshift bow, this blouse screams estrogen- all I'm missing are the pleats and curls.

These lace shorts are really beautiful up close. I love the detail and fit of these shorts.

My bal. She's an oldie but a goodie. From Fall of 2008, she's already past her 3rd birthday but the leather is as soft as ever. Inside, she holds a matching black compagnon wallet that has been my favourite since I received it as a gift from my boyfriend last Christmas. I hope that I can get a bigger Bal in the future. I think the City looks too small on me. I'd opt for a Velo next.

Here's a super asian picture to end off the night :D


  1. whats cooking good looking? ;)

    loves bal! velo is a unique choice than your typical city and part times that we always see

  2. I loveee that top, Vonnie! It's so cute and girly.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Now I'm curious about Wholesale7. I've heard some horror stories about Wholesaledress; missing items, orders never sent, incorrect items sent, really bad quality, refusal to refund etc etc. How was your experience with Wholesale7?

  4. @Kerri: Haha! ;) So tempted to get the Velo in Papyrus, but it might rub off on my jeans since it's such a light colour and it can be worn crossbody :O

    @Alison: Thanks hun!

    @Christine: Wholesale7 has been great. They always answer your questions within a day when you email or comment (in the comment box below the item) and all my items have been satisfactory quality. I've always received the right order and prompt shipping as well. Lots of shipping options are available, but I always choose EMS. Prices on WS7 are balanced by the shipping costs (by weight), but regardless it's still super cheap. The only caveat is that you really have to scrutinize the photos they provide and ask LOTS of questions in english they can understand (no slang). Sometimes there is no description, or the measurements are weird, but as long as you ask, they will reply.

  5. I'm also lamenting the fact that long work hours means no time to shop. I can't wait for holiday hours.

  6. very cute outfit!
    I have a fashion blog and would love for you to stop by and tell me what you think!!


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